The Personal Values of Small-Business Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Brazil


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Despite the apparent relationship between personal values and entrepreneurship, this topic t has been subject to little academic research. This article aims to explain, in the Brazilian context, how the personal values of entrepreneurs influence the degree of professionalism in their business. The article uses a descriptive and exploratory quantitative approach, with data collected via a survey and focus group. Results show that, in the Brazilian context, ethics and capitalist values have a greater influence on professionalism than do risk, innovation, family history, etc. Certain personal values of small-business entrepreneurs become organizational values that drive their actions in challenging environments. The finding that only one of the ten independent variables has been considered statistically influential on professionalism constitutes its main theoretical contribution. It rethinks professionalism, no longer as a dependent variable, but as a personal value, like the rest, in independent, innovative and sovereign way.

Keyword : Personal Values, Small-Business Entrepreneurs, Professionalism Valores Pessoais, Pequenos Empreendedores, Profissionalismo

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Lima, D., Kubo, E., & Oliva, E. (2021). The Personal Values of Small-Business Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Brazil. Brazilian Business Review, 18(5), 468–489.

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