The Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Transformation of Universities


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Universities are a relevant and little-explored context to the study of strategic action, considering their need to adapt to environmental dynamics and establish a closer relationship with society. This study contributes to shedding light on how the changing process from a traditional university model to a
more entrepreneurial model takes place. Thus, this study aims to analyze the role played by the universities’ strategic management to the establishment
of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) in the academic environment. For this sake, we did a multiple case study focusing on managers’ decisions at the strategic level. The selected cases are three universities, two in Brazil and one in Sweden, recognized for their academic entrepreneurship approach in their environments. Based on these cases, the study reveals the influence of top-management decisions for the establishment of EO and how traditional institutions can pursue an entrepreneurial university model. The results emphasize the key role played by the universities’ strategic management in establishing EO, through different levels of participation, but with recurrent behaviors in the implementation of the third academic mission.

Keyword : Entrepreneurial orientation, Strategic management, Entrepreneurial university, Third academic mission Orientação empreendedora, Gestão estratégica, Universidade empreendedora, Terceira missão acadêmica

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Dal-Soto, F., de Souza, Y., & Benner, M. (2021). The Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Transformation of Universities. Brazilian Business Review, 18(3), 255–277.

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