Strategic Information Management Profiles in Brazilian Companies


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Preliminary bibliographical researches identified in the managerial literature a lack of studies on the adequate comprehension how information, as a singular and valuable managerial resource, can become a competitiveness improvement factor and how companies are using it for improve their own competitiveness. This paper had two objectives: i) identify, in the theoretical and conceptual points of view, the ways through out the information can become a competitiveness factor for the companies and ii) identify the shapes within companies are using information to improve their competitiveness, sharing them out by their size. For the first objective it was developed a bibliographical research which identified the SIA (Strategic Information Alignment) framework. For the second one it was developed a field research in the survey format applying the mentioned framework to identify the strategic information management profiles in the analyzed companies.

Keyword : information, competitiveness and strategic information alignment informação, competitividade, alinhamento estratégico da informação

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Santos, M. dos. (2006). Strategic Information Management Profiles in Brazilian Companies. Brazilian Business Review, 3(1), 116–134.

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