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Dear readers and contributors of Brazilian Business Review,
The third edition of the Brazilian Business Review brings a set of six original articles from different fields. The paper that opens this edition, authored by Andres Veloso and Diogo Hildebrand, studies the consumption behavior of children. The work focuses on identifying the visual representation of the act of buying for children around 9 years old and concludes that they have some difficulties with the brand names, but good ease in understanding their logos. The second article also studies consumer behavior. André Luiz de Souza Leão Maranhão, Thiago Camargo Ianatoni and Rodrigo César Tavares Cavalcanti study the links between brands and consumers in order to understand the characteristics that form brand personality in the view of consumers.
The third and fourth articles investigate issues related to finance and accounting. Fernando Nascimento and Alexandre da Costa carry out an empirical analysis of the impact of unexpected changes in the Selic rate on the Brazilian stock market. Rodrigo Lemes Sirlei Malachi and analyze the level of disclosure of the financial statements of Brazilian companies in relation to the requirements prepared by the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) for disclosure of financial instruments.
The fifth article, by Jonilto Costa Souza and Maria de Fátima Bruno-Faria, investigates the phenomenon of innovation in the organizational context in order to identify factors that facilitate or hinder the process of implementing new ideas and practices. Finishing the third issue of 2013, Karina Reis Silva and Luis Eduardo Afonso examine the viability of life microinsurance in Brazil and conclude that this new financial product for the country can offer protection for low-income people besides being profitable in the Brazilian market.
We hope you will enjoy these papers. Good reading.
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