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BBR - Brazilian Business Review publishes high-quality research across all fields of business. Themes include, but are not limited to, management, accounting, controllership, finance, information management, innovation management, strategy, and economics. We welcome papers developed in public, private, or third sector organizations. Published six times a year, BBR is edited and supported by FUCAPE, a top Brazilian business school.

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Published: 2021-01-06



Felipe Ramos
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The Influence of Perceptions of Risks and Benefits on the Continuity of Use of Fintech Services

Artur Barretti Mascarenhas, Cristiane Koda Perpétuo, Erika Borgonovo Barrote, Maria Paula Perides
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Page 1-21

Facilitators and Barriers faced by Mobile Payment Fintechs in the Brazilian Context

Gabriel Braido, Amarolinda Klein, Guilherme Papaleo
Abstract 146 | PDF English Downloads 46 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 64

Page 22-44

A Model of Influential Factors in Franchise Operations

Helder de Souza Aguiar, Marcos Luppe, Paulo Nascimento
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Page 45-61

Open Innovation Strategies and Appropriability in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: Evidences and Implications in the Brazilian Context

Eurico Sprakel, Andre Machado
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Page 62-81

Influence of the Diagnostic and Interactive Use of the Budget on Managerial Performance Mediated by Organizational Commitment

Itzhak David Simão Kaveski, Ilse Maria Beuren, Tayse Gomes, Carlos Eduardo Facin Lavarda
Abstract 191 | PDF English Downloads 25 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 82

Page 82-100

Attributes of a Relationship Management Model for the Public Sector (CiRS Exec)

Júlio Medeiros, Gisela Demo
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Page 101-117

Annual Editor Report

Annual Editor Report 2020

Felipe Ramos
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