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From Consumer Behavior to Donor Behavior: Adapting Marketing Concepts

Fábio Moraes da Costa
Patrícia Regina Caldeira Daré
Andres Rodriguez Veloso

This paper was prepared to identify the variables involved in the decision process of an individual who donates financial resources to nonprofit organizations. To this end a research was developed and applied to donors and non-donors, so that it would be possible to identify the factors involved in the process and from that prepare a model of the donor’s behavior, besides identifying the possible factors responsible for non-donation. In order to reach this objective the following stages were followed: in-depth interviews, preparation of questionnaires, pretest with student samples, factorial analysis to refine the questionnaire and application of the questionnaire with a sample of ex-alumni of the Economy, Business Administration and Accounting Colleges of the University of São Paulo. The results, besides indicating a few marketing planning opportunities for nonprofit organizations, allowed the outlining of the donor’s decision process, which encompasses the beginning of the idea do donate, going through the search for information up to the post donation evaluation.


Marketing, consumer behavior, donor behavior

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