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September October 2016
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Dear readers,
It is with joy that we present the September/October edition of the Brazilian Business Review. In the weeks leading up to the release of this edition, we implement the “Ahead of Print” articles publishing mode, which enables approved items to be made available more quickly to the public. After being published in this format, the articles are queued up in order to be allocated to a specific edition. This change shows the commitment that the Brazilian Business Review has in seeking to adopt best practices regarding the production and dissemination of scientific papers. In this edition, we present six articles that follow. In the first article, entitled “Selecting Investments Funds in Private Equity in Brazil”, Antônio Marcos Duarte Junior and Luiz Carlos Barbosa Medeiros presented a methodology based on the multi-criteria decision analysis for the selection of private equity funds in Brazil. Next, we present the article “Interactivity and Explicit Memory Formation of Undergraduate Male Students on Internet Environment”, authored by George Bedinelli Rossi, Dirceu da Silva, Mauro Neves Garcia, who sought to identify the factors that make up interactivity and the relational nature of these with the factors that form the explicit memory of undergraduate male consumers nearing course completion. The third article whose title is “Impact of Changes in Accounting Standards in Debt Ratio of Firms: Evidence in Brazil”, André Aroldo Freitas de Moura and Antônio Carlos Coelho, investigate the impact of changes in the accounting representation of indebtedness of Brazilian firms.
Next, we present the article “Eco-innovation in Global hotel chains: Designs, barriers, Incentives and Motivations”, by Vanessa de Oliveira Menezes and Sieglinde Kindl da Cunha. The study aimed to verify the reality of eco-innovations developed by global hotel groups, highlighting innovation designs employed by these organizations, the difficulties and incentives faced and motivations to invest in innovations with this purpose. Following, the article “Entrepreneurial Alertness: A Study of the Influence of Characteristics of the Individual and the Enterprise” seeks to understand the factors associated with the individual and the company that influence this alertness. The study underlying this article was performed by Hilka Pelizza Vier Machado, Valter da Silva Faia and Juliano Domingues da Silva. Finally, we present the study by Carlos Alberto Orge Pinheiro and Valter de Senna, entitled “ Price Forecasting through Multivariate Spectral Analysis: Evidence for Commodities of the BM&Fbovespa”. The study aimed to perform price forecasts of a group of commodities through the spectral model of multivariate analysis and compare them with those obtained by classical forecasting models and neural networks.
We hope you enjoy your reading.
See you at the next edition!
Bruno Felix
Editor-in –Chief of the Brazilian Business Review

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